Strategic Plan

The development and implementation of a strategic plan is a critical step in providing world-class service to customers. The Strategic Plan can be your guiding document to determine actionable items and accountability. It is the road map that sets the initial course, and drives continuous change preparing the organization for the future.

Plan Development

Resolution will complete an assessment of your organization’s needs to determine where you are in the strategic planning process. This will include a review of existing organizational plans to ensure alignment with high level-plans.

The new strategic plan provides a clear road map to achieve organizational goals and objectives and will include:

  • Direction Statement – mission, vision, values, business definition
  • Goals, Objectives and Strategies
  • Priority Area Identification
  • Team Charters

Systematic Reviews

Resolution will help your organization create an annual systematic review to ensure that your plan is adjusted to meet future requirements.

Charter Teams will be created and trained properly to ensure implementation of priority areas.

The ISOX software system is a perfect tool to measure the effectiveness of the implementation of the goals and objectives as defined in the Strategic plan.

Consulting Services

Our approach to transformation is built on a phased process. Our collaborative skill training establishes a common problem-solving culture that produces a system of accountability.

Our standard consulting programs :
Strategic Planning
Performance Measurement
Process Management
Systematic Review