Performance Measurement

The development of a performance measurement system provides your organization the capability to collect, analyze and display data, which in turn gives leadership a fact-based management system. Rather than forcing you to react to anecdotal information, this system provides each work entity with the ability to make informed decisions.

Performance measures will tell your leadership if they are on course to meeting their goals and objectives as outlined in their strategic plan. It will also tell if adjustments are needed in those plans based on outside circumstances. Without a performance measurement system, some organizations will have a tendency to utilize more resources without extensive gains.

Resolution will assist your organization to assure performance measures are aligned with your strategic plan.

The Plan

Key performance indicators will be developed for each outcome area, along with the identification of core and supporting processes.  Personnel will be using the ISOX software to review and analyze their data.  Improvement plans will be developed based on these implications. A systematic review model will be put in place to ensure that data is viewed at the appropriate management level and at the prescribed time. Performance measurement systems succeed when the organization’s strategy and performance measures are aligned.

Consulting Services

Our approach to transformation is built on a phased process. Our collaborative skill training establishes a common problem-solving culture that produces a system of accountability.

Our standard consulting programs :
Strategic Planning
Performance Measurement
Process Management
Systematic Review