Flexible Solution

Resolution’s performance management system is neither a stand alone system nor one that needlessly pulls together all information available to an organization. Our system focuses and unifies organization leaders, managers,  employees, and serves as an integral part of the structure and overall plan for the organization.

Resolution provides the ISOX software system to support all levels of management in assessing their organizational performance, making sure that it is grounded on the following three factors:

Strategic Planning

A strategic plan that sets the course of the organization. The flexibility of ISOX ensures that it aligns the outcomes, goals, objectives, priorities, projects, measures and improvement initiatives.

Performance Measurement and Review

ISOX, an automated data collection system that summarizes the results and distributes the information though easy-to-understand dashboards, scorecards, drill downs, queries, and reports to all those who need them.

Systematic Performance Review

A performance management review structure set in place that is tailored to reflect this structure so that performance data is reviewed systematically, beginning at the bottom and cascading up to the top.

For a detailed view of all the functionality of ISOX, request an online demonstration on the DEMO page.


ISOX - Information System for Organizational eXcellence.

ISOX is Resolution's quality management system, developed with and according to the needs of our clients. ISOX's goal is to be a tool to enable a Quality Management System structure to function smoothly and be ingrained into the organization's culture.

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