Plan for Improvement

The Plan for Improvement (PFI) module is one of the most unique and powerful feature in ISOX. Using the common problem-solving process taught in the Resolution Foundation training, users will create and update monthly plans to improve any specific performance measure(s).

The PFI module has also proved to be a very useful feature for managers in their supervising role. With two clicks managers can see if their employees are creating and following up with their Plans For Improvement in areas where performance is lagging.

Instant access input

After having used the application to identify one or more problem areas, the user can click one button to start creating a plan for improvement. The PFI will be accessible from many displays and screens in the system.

Follow up

A manager can easily see whether a plan has been created in an area where improvements are needed. In addition, they are able to view these plans and compare them to the performance trend in later periods to see whether they had any effect on the performance.

Knowledge sharing

ISOX spreads “lessons learned” across the entire organization. Not only the people directly involved, but everybody in the organization is able to look up and search for Plans For Improvement (pending administrative permission).

The Plans For Improvement is built on the same proven concepts as our Group Resolution process.


ISOX - Information System for Organizational eXcellence.

ISOX is Resolution's quality management system, developed with and according to the needs of our clients. ISOX's goal is to be a tool to enable a Quality Management System structure to function smoothly and be ingrained into the organization's culture.

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