Resolution Skills

The Resolution Training implements a common problem-solving vocabulary, called the Resolution Process, which creates an understanding of how the Performance Management System will work.

Resolution Foundation

This 24-hour multimedia-based communication skills program is the foundation for all of Resolution’s services. The program focuses on the development of 16 human interaction skills, taught in the context of the Resolution Process for resolving issues, problems and conflicts.

One thing in common with all the skills is that they are non-manipulative – that is, these are skills that most people want other people to use with them. The skills, which reflect the essence of the “golden rule” of doing to others as you would have them do to you,  are taught during six 4-hour sessions, one session per week for six consecutive weeks. The course builds commitment to the organization’s vision and develops behaviors that promote quality leadership. Practice of the skills is accomplished in the context of performance management principles, thus preparing people for the upcoming change in management practices.

If the organization is serious about implementing a performance management system, the axiom, “it must be lead by the top leaders,” was never truer than for this transformation. The ownership and commitment of managers is multiplied greatly by having managers teach their own subordinate managers and supervisors. Resolution consultant-trainers are specifically educated to prepare manager-trainers prior to each session, and then support the managers during the sessions. This way manager-trainers are seen as content experts who coach participants in the weeks between sessions.

Executive Overview

This three-day seminar is designed to give executives a comprehensive overview of:

  • The Resolution Skills and implementation strategies – to understand how “total management involvement” ensures management commitment to the establishment of a collaborative culture
  • The Leadership System for Organizational Excellence – to create comprehensive understanding of the Baldrige / California Awards for Performance Excellence criteria and methodology
  • Strategic Planning – to set the organizational direction and outcomes and plan for the creation of the performance management cycle. After collecting baseline outcome data, organizations create strategic objectives and charter teams (implementation teams) and track their progress in ISOX
  • The Performance Management Cycle – to understand the core systematic approach of the system. Enabled by the ISOX software, this monthly cycle involves performance measurement and review, process management and improvement, management review up the chain-of-command and executive strategic plan review.

Resolution Employee Involvement (REI)

This program is designed for non-supervisory staff. It is an 8-hour program taught in four 2- hour sessions, one session per week for four consecutive weeks. The skills covered in this course are identical to the skills taught in the Resolution Process. REI is designed to acquaint staff with the Resolution Skills while establishing a foundation for continuous quality improvement.

Training Services

Our training packages introduce, firmly establishes and reinforces collaborative skills and quality leadership techniques in an organization’s culture.

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The Resolution Skills creates a common problem-solving vocabulary (Resolution Process) and an understanding of how the Performance Management System will work. After the performance management system is designed and the software is configured, data input, user, and team training is required to get the system fully functional.