IT Implementation

After the Performance Management System is designed and ISOX software is configured, data input, user, and administration training is required to get the system fully functional.

This collection of training programs is designed to educate managers, supervisors and staff about how to implement the Performance Management System once it is designed and configured in the software (ISOX).

Data Input Training

Data Input Training is a 2-hour training program to teach those who collect data how to enter it into ISOX.

ISOX User Training

This is a training program for managers and supervisors that shows them how to review the display modules (Dashboards, Drill downs and Reports), and how to quickly identify the area or areas to focus on for improvement.

The participants are also taught how to use the Resolution Process to create and track Plans For Improvement in ISOX.

Process Improvement Team Training

While many performance issues can be addressed quickly using the Resolution Process, persistent performance issues will require changes in the process that are delivering the results. In these circumstances a Process Improvement Team should be formed.

This training program is unique in that it builds process improvement tools in the context of the Resolution Process. Run charts and flow charts define the issue, Pareto charts and cause-and-effect diagrams identify barriers, and the Plan Do Check Act (PDCA) cycle is used to generate and tests ideas. This way, new tools are readily understood and incorporated in the team’s repertoire.

ISOX for Administrators

This training is for future ISOX administrators. There are two types of ISOX administrators:  General Administrators and System Administrators. The General Administrators will have limited configuration access and will only attend the first half of this training.

Training Services

Our training packages introduce, firmly establishes and reinforces collaborative skills and quality leadership techniques in an organization’s culture.

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The Resolution Skills creates a common problem-solving vocabulary (Resolution Process) and an understanding of how the Performance Management System will work. After the performance management system is designed and the software is configured, data input, user, and team training is required to get the system fully functional.