Systematic Review

Systematic Performance Review provides a systematic way of managing organizational goals, outcomes and processes. It provides a process for collecting, analyzing, summarizing and reviewing data at each management level within the organization. It will give your leaders opportunities to set the direction and remove barriers in the daily management and improvement of critical processes. It will also identify employee capability and commitment along with the establishment of an accountability system.

The executive level in your organization needs to be able to make the right decision based on facts and hard data, not anecdotal information. A Quality Management System along with the ISOX software gives your supervisors the capability to review core data and supporting processes at each level within your organization. It will also summarize process improvement efforts for managers to review.

Your customer requirements, process data and product standards are all interconnected with the overall process incorporating appropriate feedback loops. The implementation of performance management systems provides the tools your organization need to adopt in order to meet today’s issues head on and to get on track to become a world class organization.

Consulting Services

Our approach to transformation is built on a phased process. Our collaborative skill training establishes a common problem-solving culture that produces a system of accountability.

Our standard consulting programs :
Strategic Planning
Performance Measurement
Process Management
Systematic Review