ISOX, Resolution’s performance management software, is intended to track critical business performance measures to enable rapid problem identification and ensure business entities are executing improvement plans targeted to fix critical problems. ISOX is a powerful mechanism to organize, distribute, and display an organization’s performance management data and improvement initiative.

Part of a Leadership System

Information technology is a vital component of an organization’s overall Information System for Organizational eXcellence (ISOX).

Performance management software will track critical business performance measures, enable rapid problem identification, and ensure business entities are executing improvement plans targeted to fix critical problems.

Basic Concept

The concept is basic– determine, track, and display a balanced set of performance measures that represent the critical success factors for your organization as a whole, as well as for each individual work entity.
We encourage you to search and explore the competing products. What should be simple becomes complex. Features and capability are added in because they can be, not because they should be. ISOX helps bind an organization together with a common, integrated approach.

It is simple, straight-forward, and it is effective!

Well Tested – Third Generation Software

The current application is the newest of three and all versions have been developed in close relationship with clients to provide the optimal Performance Management System tool.

  • Morada (2002)
  • ISOX – Client/Server (2004)
  • ISOX – Web based (2008)


ISOX - Information System for Organizational eXcellence.

ISOX is Resolution's quality management system, developed with and according to the needs of our clients. ISOX's goal is to be a tool to enable a Quality Management System structure to function smoothly and be ingrained into the organization's culture.

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