Why Resolution

Resolution products of services (consultation, training, and software) offer California state agencies unique advantages. Because Resolution has been working with California state government for more than 20 years, we understand California’s unique challenges to becoming a world class government.

Resolution offers clear and simple performance management, tying all features of the system back to the Resolution Process. This brings the human and team skills, strategic planning, performance measurement, process improvement and management oversite and leadership into one coherent and seamless whole.

Over 8,000 managers and supervisors have gone through RESOLUTION programs and utilized the tools with outstanding results.

Organizations such as California Department of Developmental Services, Transportation, Water Resources and Drug and Alcohol have benefited from the Resolution approach to long-term change.

Why Resolution

We work with the leadership of public sector organizations to enable them to transform cultures from rule-driven, lagging bureaucracies to collaborative, team-oriented organizations focused on providing timely, world-class customer service.

The Resolution Advantage

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