About Us

Resolution provides the tools necessary for organizations to become world-class through total organizational involvement. We work with the leadership of public sector organizations to enable them to transform their cultures from rule-driven, lagging bureaucracies to lean, collaborative, team-oriented organizations focused on providing timely, world-class customer service.


Excerpt from Resolution Strategic Plan 2008 – 2012


To help California state government become world class –  “the first 21st century government in America”


We Provide the Tools to be World-Class Through Total Management Involvement


Our clients are California state government agencies who will utilize  Resolution’s products and services to develop:

  • A collaborative culture
  • Seamless business processes
  • A world-class organization


ISOX implements a sophisticated system for change, incorporating multiple strategies to address conceptual, behavioral, motivational and attentional obstacles to organizational change.


Passion For The Work

  • We have a passion for creating long-term change but are aware of the challenges of sustaining improvement
  • We are dedicated to helping customers solve their problems, while recognizing it is the client’s implementation that drives the lasting change
  • We are zealous about using Resolution Skills
  • Our customers’ needs come first

World-Class Programs

  • Our philosophy stems from Social Learning Theory
  • The content and process of all our programs adhere to SLT principles
  • We acknowledge the importance of theory but strive to be jargon free
  • Our performance management and reengineering programs build off the Resolution process and skills
  • We build logical and integrated programs (not collages from Covey, Meyers-Briggs, Blanchard, etc.)
  • We strive to present professional materials
  • We apply common sense to everything we do

World-Class Implementations

  • We will never let an implementation fail.
  • We do not blame customers for setbacks; we look at what we can do better.
  • Our implementations are tailored for each customer.
  • We don’t fall in love with our plans because they will change as we listen.
  • We are open to new ways to do our core business, as long as they are aligned with our values.

World-Class Teamwork

  • We are one team.
  • We respect each other.
  • We support each other.
  • We sacrifice for each other.
  • We have empathy for each other.
  • We are efficient, responsive and flexible.
  • We never compromise on our core values.
  • We are having fun because we are all doing what we love to do.


Resolution is a management consulting company based in Sacramento, California. Our mission is to provide the tools that enable our clients to become world-class through total organizational involvement in alignment with the Baldrige National Quality Program.

Resolution a Management Consultant company based in Sacramento California