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California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS)

CMAS is a procurement tool for California Government Agencies. Use this link to download the CMAS Service guide. This PDF document provides guidelines, information, and instruction for procuring services on CMAS.

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services – MOBIS

CMAS #4-08-03-0204B

Resolution’s CMAS MOBIS Schedule has a comprehensive array of tools and services to help organizations improve productivity and efficiency through consultation, facilitation, survey administration, training, privatization support, and program management.

Services included

  • Business – Consulting-Change Management
  • Business – Consulting-Organization Assessment
  • Business – Consulting-Strategic Planning
  • Business – Service-Facilitation
  • Business – Service-Performance Measures
  • Business – Service-Performance Review
  • Business – Service-Survey

PDF File Resolution CMAS MOBIS Contract

Information Technology  РIT

CMAS #3-08-70-2508A

Resolution’s CMAS IT Schedule has a comprehensive array of tools and services to help organizations improve productivity and efficiency through performance management software in collaboration with consultation, facilitation, survey administration and training.

Services included

  • ISOX Software
  • Software-Groupware
  • Software-Internet Tool
  • Software-Process Management Tool
  • Software-Work Force Management
  • Software-License Agreement
  • Software-Maintenance
  • Consulting-IT Quality Assurance
  • Consulting-IT System Management
  • Consulting-Performance Review
  • Training-Software
  • Training-IT System Management

PDF File Resolution CMAS IT Contract

US General Services Administration – GSA Schedule

The GSA Schedules is also referred to as Multiple Award Schedules and Federal Supply Schedules Program. Resolution participates in the GSA Cooperative Purchasing agreement, allowing state and local government entities to purchase from our GSA contract.
You can use this link to visit the GSA website for basic schedule and ordering guidelines.

GSA Contract Holder

Information Technology- IT (Schedule 70)

GSA schedule # GS-35F-0576T

Use this link for Resolution contract information on the GSA e-library website

The Resolution GSA IT schedule enables U.S. government agencies to acquire our Quality Management software ISOX and use our expertise to implement and configure it to use in their organization.

Special Item Number (SIN) areas:

  • SIN 132-33 – Software License
  • SIN 132-34 – Software Maintenance
  • SIN 132-50 – Classroom Training

PDF FileResolution GSA Schedule

Why Resolution

We work with the leadership of public sector organizations to enable them to transform cultures from rule-driven, lagging bureaucracies to collaborative, team-oriented organizations focused on providing timely, world-class customer service.

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