Executive Team

Resolution’s executive team has more than 20 years of experience in the field of organizational development and quality management.

Rob Watson is the CEO and President of Resolution, an organizational development consulting firm specializing in change management for government agencies and non-profit entities.

Rob’s interest as a change agent goes back to 1974 when he was assigned as a human relations officer with the 12th Coast Guard District in San Francisco. In 1977, his work and organization was part of a national study on large, leadership programs, conducted by Stanford University. The results of this study indicated that none of these programs created lasting long-term behavior change. However, they were able to identify barriers in the way of behavior change and created and tested methods to overcome these barriers, which resulted in the Resolution Process.

Since founding Resolution in 1983, Rob has consistently applied the Stanford principles in helping California state government agencies establish collaborative cultures within their organizations. In the past 23 years, Resolution has trained over 8,000 managers, supervisors and staff in state government agencies.

Robert J. Watson,


In 1992, Rob began the implementation of follow-on programs built around the Resolution Skills process. These included process improvement team training, collaborative skills training taught by consultants and team-building training.

Additionally, in 1995 and 1998 Resolution provided lead consultants to help the Department of Developmental Services seamlessly close large state facilities in Stockton and Camarillo, California, optimizing the interests of clients and staff as they participated in the planning. Both closures were hailed huge successes by the department and their stakeholders. In 1995, Rob and Resolution helped Caltrans HQ take on reengineering efforts. The results of those reengineering efforts included a 66 percent decrease in project design time, a 50 percent decrease in project cost and customer satisfaction increased from 3.4 to 4.7 (on a 5-point scale).

In 1997, Rob initiated efforts to help state agencies establish a fact-based management system around the principles of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Program. The results of these efforts have been the development of tools and training around strategic planning, performance management and review, process management and redesign, business management and customer satisfaction.

Most recently, Resolution has developed performance management software that incorporates the foundation of the Baldrige program into an interactive process to help organizations establish accountability and employee empowerment. With Rob’s guidance, influence, and leadership, Resolution consultants have set these principles in motion with the goal of helping make their clients world-class organizations and California state government “the first 21st century state government” in the United States.

Charlie Zychalski has more than 34 years of success in leading and consulting federal, military and state organizations ranging from small teams to diverse corporate entities. This experience provides an in-depth understanding of business operations, project management, planning, training, logistics, communications, employee relations and problem solving. His military career spanned 29 years where he was a USAF pilot, joint staff officer, commander, and holder of several senior staff positions. He retired from the USAF with the rank of Colonel in 2000.

From 1993 –1995, Charlie was responsible for the implementation of the first “Total Quality Management” program for an organization of 5000 personnel. This included establishing a comprehensive quality-training program, developing a strategic planning process, and creating a systematic approach to reviewing each work entity’s performance. These efforts resulted in being the first Air Force Wing to achieve a quality assessment score of over 400 points using the Baldrige criteria, all within the first 18 months of implementation start up.

In 1996, Charlie was selected to be the Deputy Inspector General for Air Mobility Command. In this position he lead an evaluation and assessment team of 140 personnel and was responsible for the planning and execution for over 50 Quality Air Force Assessments.


VP, Operations

As a senior consultant for Resolution, Charlie has worked with numerous California state government agencies, including the Departments of Fish and Game, Insurance, Developmental Services and Caltrans. For the past three years, he has been the lead consultant in establishing a quality management system for a state organization with over 10,000 employees. He guided the executive management team through the strategic planning process, including determination of the organization’s direction, selection of key performance indicators and strategic priorities.

Andy Dobusch is the Executive Vice President of Resolution, and has been with the company since 1990. Andy initially joined the firm as an intern and worked his way up the ladder, learning rapidly the necessary skills to be an associate, consultant, senior consultant, and since 2001, our Executive Vice President. Additionally, during this period Andy worked hard to hone his consulting skills by earning a Master’s degree in Organizational Communications from California State University Sacramento (CSUS).

Andy has mastered the lessons learned in the Stanford skills study, especially understanding barriers to behavior change and their remedies. With this knowledge, he has assisted hundreds of California state government executives and managers in their implementation of the Resolution Skills program.

As the Executive Vice President, a major part of Andy’s day is taking care of the administration of the company. However, with his diversified talents, he has influenced the company’s capabilities as the primary author of Resolution’s business plan and developer of training materials along with his consulting skills.

He has coordinated the company’s resources to ensure that all requirements have been stated and tested in order to ensure the best possible product for our customers.

Andrew Dobusch,

Executive VP

He has played a key role with the development of the customer satisfaction program, organizational surveys, the performance management system and the process improvement team program. Most recently, Andy has been the lead consultant with Community Living Opportunities (CLO),  a state-of-the-art non-profit agency who is pioneering unique and innovative support systems for individuals with developmental disabilities.

Andy is also involved with many aspects of his community and was elected to the Kelseyville Unified School District Board in 2000 and reelected in 2004.

Marina Johansen was hired by Resolution in 2005 as a senior consultant. She is a graduate of the UC Davis Graduate School of Management with an MBA with an emphasis on Technology Management and (Management Information Systems) MIS.

Prior to graduate school, Marina, a native of Norway, spent 16 years in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and attained the rank of Major. She has worked in human resources and lead the military personnel office in the administration department at the Norwegian Headquarter of Defense. After leading a project team for department reorganization, she was assigned as the Chief Public Information Officer. In this role, she developed an information strategy and built a successful communication and information system. She was also involved in developing a new information and communication strategy for the entire Norwegian Armed Forces, a product that was successfully implemented and is still in use today.

Marina Hilborn Johansen,

Principal Consultant

As a senior consultant for Resolution, she has worked with and trained state mangers and supervisors in the Resolution Skills. Her main skills however, are in system analysis and IT. Marina has also been a great resource in software training and has developed statistical banding for key performance indicators for an organization with more than 2000 personnel.

Marina has been invaluable to the company with her knowledge and skills in IT projects. She has been the leader in the development of the ISOX client-server software and is now leading the web-based version of ISOX. In this role she has provided the critical bridge between state-of-the-art information technology and state-of-the-art behavior change technology.

Sujei Gonzalez was hired by Resolution in 2010 and is an accomplished organizational development consultant bringing a fresh and energetic style to her client interactions. She provides hands-on practical assistance to individuals, teams and organizations, which helps them to learn new approaches to resolving their organizational challenges.

She has worked with a wide range of organizations facilitating their strategic planning process and helping them to clearly define their goals. She works with clients to help them investigate their current state, their desired objectives and outcomes, and facilitates the process for accomplishing their goals.

Sujei Gonzales

Sujei Gonzalez,

Principal Consultant

Over the last five years, Sujei has developed experience in the emerging field of Emotional Intelligence (EI). She has utilized the Emotional Intelligence Competence Inventory in her work to develop managers, executives and their teams. This has included the administration of a 360-degree assessment and subsequent coaching and consultation designed to improve individual EI competencies and relationship management, critical to organizational success.

Sujei is an avid researcher and is continually looking for new approaches that can be incorporated into client programs. She has designed seminars and programs for clients that address both executive and staff level development needs. She has worked with a variety of clients across many organizational functions including contracting, health care, administration, social services, law enforcement, mortgage brokers and nursing.

Sujei is an experienced organizational trainer and has developed and delivered many training programs including Emotional Intelligence, Conflict Management, and Myers Briggs based relationship development. She has also designed and delivered training programs in the philosophy, methodology, and tools of quality management. She has prepared and delivered technical reports documenting team and organizational progress.

In addition to a project lead/coordinator from the executive team, Resolution will assign a team of highly professional change management consultants at each new location.


Resolution is a management consulting company based in Sacramento, California. Our mission is to provide the tools that enable our clients to become world-class through total organizational involvement in alignment with the Baldrige National Quality Program.

Resolution a Management Consultant company based in Sacramento California