Strategic Partners

We work with other top consultants.

The art of consulting begins with the lead consultant creating a strong relationship with the organization’s leader. This is, by far, the most important driver of performance improvement. The bond of trust with the consultant is what makes it possible to develop and sustain total management involvement.

Bottom line – Resolution recognizes the critical make-or-break role that the consultant plays in creating fundamental lasting change. This respect underlies Resolution’s agreements with other consultants.

We have created strategic partnerships with other consultants that do not considers themselves just a consultant, but an artist of organizational performance excellence who can implement effective behavior change methodologies, followed by a world-class performance management and improvement systems.

Potential strategic partner candidates may call us at (916) 448-5455 or email us at

Why Resolution

We work with the leadership of public sector organizations to enable them to transform cultures from rule-driven, lagging bureaucracies to collaborative, team-oriented organizations focused on providing timely, world-class customer service.

The Resolution Advantage

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