When a performance management system is introduced, there is a sudden surge in accountability. Of course this is a good thing. But with greatly increased accountability comes the natural tendency to be defensive about declining trends, unacceptable ratings, or customer complaints.

What if I have areas in the “red”? Will people think I am incompetent?  What if I am held accountable for outcomes that I can’t control? How will this affect my career here?

These are all good questions. And the truth is,  if the culture doesn’t answer the above questions positively, then it is not in the interest of managers, supervisors, and employees for the new system to succeed, which it surely can do without their commitment.

The culture must be prepared to use the performance data in a sensible way to prioritize issues and to use the skills to respond rapidly and effectively to the most important performance issues. In other words, managers, supervisors and employees will need to collaborate in an atmosphere that promotes trust.

Tailored training programs

Resolution has a 23-year record with California state agencies, providing trainings that leverage off of the Resolution process to implement a solution for a specific need of the organization.

Training Services

Our training packages introduce, firmly establishes and reinforces collaborative skills and quality leadership techniques in an organization’s culture.

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Resolution Skills
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The Resolution Skills creates a common problem-solving vocabulary (Resolution Process) and an understanding of how the Performance Management System will work. After the performance management system is designed and the software is configured, data input, user, and team training is required to get the system fully functional.